Therapeutical Treatments

Our stressing way of living has brought several necessities to improve our health and physical and mental welfare. This is one of the key values of modern spas with minero-medicinal waters. Their awakening makes them perfect to recover health and enjoy excellent holidays in a natural environment.

Hydrotherapy means therapy using water. In this case it is minero-medicinal water, with Spatherapy or Crenotherapy as appropriate terms. It means the therapeutical application (inner or outer one) of minero-medicinal waters and/or their products, along with their environmental circumstances.

Skin diseases:

  • Activation of blood circulation
  • It stops inflammatory processes
  • It regulates vegetative and hormonal systems
  • It increases defences and resistance to cold
  • It improves the respiratory system
  • Toning of muscles and then relaxing them

Discover our Therapeutical Treatments!!

  • Motherhood


    Special program to make recent mother recover their figure, apart from skin firmness and natural shine. General objective of the...


  • Sport and spa and fitness

    Sport and spa and fitness

    After big efforts and long training periods, learn how to recognize the relaxing effects of thermal waters before competing and...


  • Diet and health

    Diet and health

    Obesity is a social and current problem and its fight can be in the best legacy to the health of...


  • Skin and body hydration

    Skin and body hydration

    Perfect program to clean toxins from the body. You sweat, hydrate skin and activate the circulatory system. Hydration is one...


  • Tired Legs

    Tired Legs

    Thermal water welfare is known in all cultures and times. Many times, you have felt the good effect of water...


  • Intense anti-tobacco treatment

    Intense anti-tobacco treatment

    The important value of this program is that you quit smoking and, at the same time, you offer your body...


  • Respiratory in children

    Respiratory in children

    We have created a therapeutical program specially advised to children, based on Cuntis’ minero-medicinal waters with special properties which made...


  • Intense respiratory

    Intense respiratory

    Program mainly based in inhalatory techniques, improving the respiratory function. All treatments are only done with minero-medicinal water. General objective...


  • Fibromyalgia


    Nowadays, there are more than 10 million people all over the world with fibromyalgia, more than one million in Spain....