Social Thermalism Program

The program is organized and funded by the Ministry of Education and Science through Age Concern, who arranges annually with spas reserve places to stay in spas and treatment program users. They may benefit from one of the squares of the Social Cures Spanish and nationals of other countries who meet the following requirements.

• Being a pensioner of the Social Security System for the concepts of retirement and disability, in any case, and the concept of widowhood or other pensions, only when the beneficiary reaches the age of sixty.

• Similarly, beneficiaries will be residents of places outside Spain, always drawing a public pension, with more than 60 years old and meet other requirements.

• Do not suffer serious mental disorders that can disrupt normal living in institutions or contagious disease. Able to fend for himself.

• Specify the requested thermal treatments and lack of medical contraindication to receiving them.

• Conduct, within the period specified in the notice of places, applications and achieve the record in accordance with the scale laid down, the score where you have access to one of the spas and requested shifts.

• The applicant may be accompanied by their spouse or person with whom live together in relationship, for which the obligation to collect Social Security pension is not required.
Within the program of social Hydrotherapy services include the following:

• Accommodation and meals on full board in double rooms and shared.

• Basic Spa, which include:

– The medical examination upon entering the spa.

– The basic thermal treatment, in each case, prescribe medical spa.

– The medical monitoring of treatment, with the final report.
Procedure to get your square Imserso months of February and March

1- Fill out the attached application signed by the owner of the application. To download it click here.

2- You send us to the resort of your choice your application completed and signed by ordinary or registered mail:
Balneario Termas de Cuntis
Rua do Balneario 1
36670 Cuntis

3- We will process your request Imserso

4- subsequently will carry out the same track.

1- Fill out the attached application signed by the owner of the application. To download it click here.

2- You send the application in person or by mail to:

• Senior Centers or Regional Headquarters IMSERSO match your address.

• In the bodies it has designated the Autonomous Region have taken IMSERSO functions and services.

• Central Services IMSERSO:
Social Program Cures.
Avenue of the Enlightenment, s / n, corner c / Xinzo de Limia, 58.
28029 MADRID.S