One-day programs

Visit the Spa 74,35 €

Combination of different techniques thought for people visiting our facilities the first time.
Inhaling, vapour bath, hydro massage bath, thermal swimming-pool, jet, mud and massage bed.

Termarium 57 €

Special circuit to do in a couple, designed to try different techniques in the same place with aromatherapy and musictherapy.
Vapour bath, wrapping, thermal bath with relaxing oils, scent cabin and massage bed.

Anti-stress 74,35 €

To those people with problems to get to sleep, too much activity and/or physical and mental tensions.
Sauna or vapour bath, seaweeds wrapping, hydro massage bath, partial massage and thermal swimming-pool.

Back and lower-back pain 53,95 €

To those people with stiffness and contraction in back.
Sauna, hydro massage bath, mud and jet.

Skin 57 €

To regenerate, cleanse and hydrate skin making it healthier.
Vapour bath, body exfoliation, wrapping, bubble bath, thermal swimming-pool and body hydration.

Fitness 62,10 €

To fight against tiredness of stretching in sportive people or just to avoid muscle overloading and fatigue in those people improving their fitness.
Gyms, hydro massage bath, thermal swimming-pool, jet, partial massage.

Tired legs 66,20 €

To those people who want to improve peripheral circulation and relieving tiredness in legs.
Flebotherapy path, dynamic pediluvium, bubble bath, static pediluvium and cold bandages.

Deluxe program 136,45 €

A complete customized program which combines relax and beauty to fight against daily tensions (anxiety, insomnia, stress)….
Relax circuit (hydro massage bath, therapeutical press-jet and contrast pediluvium), full relaxing massage, body hydration, facial revitalizing treatment (including head-facial massage) and manicure.